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Considering the stiff competition in the Egyptian market for the products ,it must be accessible to the individual level of competence and skill required within the job through training he needs from the development of skills and information.
The company benefited from the expertise and skills by workers who have been trained for foreign missions, the major industrialized countries such as Russia - Germany - Japan - Belgium.
It was prepared to send staff to training courses in: -
Center for Leadership Development.
Egyptian Institute of Directors.
Institute for Studies of mineral identification.
Association of Mechanical Engineers.
National Center for Research.
Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs.
Foreign Trade Training Center.
Arab Union for Iron and Steel Company.
Many of the different information centers.
  As well as internal training within the company according to the training plan to give skills, abilities and experience of the workers and how to deal with crises and problems of productivity.



Social Affair:
The company is always concerned to raise the social and environmental levels of its workers in coordination with the technological level of the iron and steel industry in addition to inaugurate on the Workers Day Festival tile distinguished employees and those retired to pension.
Medical Care:
The company provides its workers free medical treatment including highly qualified specialists and professors and hospitals.
Workers Transportation:
The company provides free transportation for its workers by buses, microbuses.
And also private cars from collecting centers all around the capital and its suburbs! To the plants, these facilities are available day and night.
The Supplemental Insurance Box:

On the trust of the company administration on the necessity of increasing the Insurance care for its employee to consolidate the belonging between the employee and the company and consequently maintain the experience and effectiveness of the employee, a supplemental insurance system has been set up aiming at providing saving and insurance services for its participants which could support & consolidate the general system of the social insurance which will strengthen the relation Between the employee and company which consequently would lead to increase of Production.

The number of employees 1232 workers.




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