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Register the environmental situation:
Been completed ten terms the environmental record as defined by the law 4 / 1994 (tenth edition / 2008 Supplement No. 3 page (109 ,110)) and at the statement of general information about the company and descriptions of her interventions, laws and subordinate legislation the company and production processes, facilities and emissions rates and gas and liquid and solid wastes and the working environment and plan of self-censorship.
Solid waste:
transfer of such waste to sanitary landfill Abu Zaabal.
Because of some remnants of war scrap was agreed with the Ministry of Defence sorted to extract the remnants of war (casings rounds) has been completely transferred to the warehouses, and their knowledge.
A copy of the analysis of emissions:
emissions when you run the furnaces using mazut, and analysis of emissions using natural gas, which shows lower emissions and for the operation of the reheating furnaces (Automatic rolling Mill and Semi Automatic rolling Mill ) and the average readings as follows:
Carbon monoxide from 2133 mg / m 3 to (76 mg / m 3).
Oxides of nitrogen of 251 mg / m 3 to (75 mg / m 3).
Sulfur dioxide from 341 mg / m 3 to (11.5 mg / m 3).
Statement of the total economy they use natural gas instead of Mazut in furnaces, which shows that the savings is equal to 394 150 9
Currently being implemented combinations of Tundish of Ladles to work with natural gas instead of Mazout operation.
Disposal of mineral oil-consuming:
It was agreed (with company Petrotrid) on receipt of these oils.
Was also of interest to remove oil leaked floor of the store, have also been developed oil drums, wooden, new rules.  
To wear staff assignments personal protection:
Stockade guidance and emphasis on the need to comply with dress and use of tools and tasks of industrial safety. With the warning of sanctions for those who Aimutir to  his personal safety.
Work to pave the corridors and the cleanliness of the factory dust.
Withdrawal of exhaust emissions furnaces:
is working with the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs to complete the studies on the implementation of this project in two phases (in collaboration with foreign experts, "Indians").
And two special stages to the project are:
Raise the efficiency of the withdrawal of emissions from the elbow that is installed on furnaces roof (primary emissions).

Implementation of the Canopy Top furnaces and filters and fans draw (secondary emissions).

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