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CEO speech:
Delta steel Mill Company is one of the pioneer companies in the field of the Steel and Cast iron industry in Egypt.
In 1947 the Delta trading company created a Steel Mill Division for the production of reinforced concrete bars ( Rebars ) equipped with two small electric arc furnaces to remelt the thousands tons of scrap left behind in the western desert by the fighting armies of I world war 11. This venture proved so successful that the new division was separated into a thriving fully independent concern" Delta Steel Mill Company".
Since then, the new company is exerting continuing efforts in Improving the production techniques by introducing advanced production methods and management techniques, by the effort of its men. The steel manufacture has been developed by adding different capacites of electric arc furnaces as well as the continuous casting line for production of billets which in turn are rolled to produce rebars and sections cold drawn for wire production, welded wire mesh and an integrated foundry for the production of cast steels and cast irons.
Thus during its 63 years of experience Delta Steel Mill has proved that it is one of the leading companies in the field of metallurgical industry in Egypt.
The company`s capital:
Company`s licensed capital of 300 million pounds.
The paid up capital of 150 million pounds distributed to 15 million shares, the value of each sharetenpounds wholly owned by the Holding Company metallurgical industries
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